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Water treatment has become the most promising sunrise industry in the twenty-first Century

Water -- the source of life. Water resources to sustain life and maintaining the ecological, shows its irreplaceable strategic significance. The scholar points out, water resources will be following the nineteen seventies occurred after the crisis of petroleum is the most potential crisis of resource.

In international competition, competition for water will become increasingly the focus of competition in the field of water resources; who has an advantage in international competition, who win weight will be greater. If the future because of competition for water resources leads to war, it is not surprising.

In the freshwater resources are not generous, nature of the Chinese nation in the world, nearly 100 water-scarce countries, China is recognized as poor water, has been the United Nations Food and agriculture organization included in the world's 12 most deficient water state in the " black list "; much less water present situation, has made the Chinese realized, water resources potential become the important factors of economic development in future china.

The problem of water resources, not only has a population of 1300000000 Chinese to challenge. But the technology growth will let us optimistic that, we can finally solve the problem. And resolved before, we must be aware of the crisis and take action; its importance, water industry, would be " the next oil industry ".

Water industry investment, hot

The rapid rise of the energy prices force the public and made a personal reflection, this situation is beginning to appear in the water resource problem. According to the National University of Singapore ( NUS ) in a recent survey, the world price rising, in municipal water, water price in the United States over the past 5 years rose more than 25%, Australia water price in the last year alone or over 10%. The market opportunity that many international well-known enterprises, generally will strategic insight into the "water side ": Siemens, GE, 3M, PHILIPS, and power, Dongli Japan, Korea Woongjin international giants such as intervention; Chinese enterprises beauty, Haier, TCL, Ronshen in succession " wading "; water treatment industry has become the most promising sunrise industry in the twenty-first Century.

The domestic market, the meeting of wind and clouds

Relevant statistic data to show, our country net bucket, water purification machine market in 2005 has reached 33000000; in 2007 the market capacity of approximately 57500000; 2008 to reach 82100000, market consumption capacity of more than 5000000000 yuan.

Entered in 2008 and was then followed by a period of time, water purifier market brand competition will further intensify. 2007 is China water home appliance market fission "watershed ": according to a Beijing Yikang market research data show that, with the international brand home appliances and domestic appliances magnate to increase the water appliance input, water home appliance brand further concentration, brand elimination rate in excess of 60%. Concerned personage points out, the water appliance market reshuffle of like a raging fire, the brand will become the most important weapon to win the market. Who has a strong brand, who will have the right to speak, who can be in the fierce competition in the market do a job with skill and ease.

The clear lake water purification equipment company the first joint venture investment of $8000000, in 2007 the establishment of the joint venture company the first year, the water purification machine market sale breaks through one hundred million yuan; in 2008, sales of more than 300000000 yuan. Predict 2010, beautiful water purifier sales on the domestic market will reach 15~20 billion yuan, a solid top industry first brand leadership.

The clear lake has always been concerned about the source of life, love life and health consumers of water, and is committed to become an excellent family health drinking / water solution provider. On 2008, rolled out the kitchen clean water machine, pipeline machine, straight drink machine, pipeline, ultrafiltration, soft machine and business equipment 6 series of more than 30 products, all aspects of family life drinking water cover / solution.

In the choice of household water purification products as a breakthrough point to fight, the rapid occupation of the market at the same time, the clear lake will also be in the water areas of basic research efforts, through professional business strategy planning, professional engineering sales team, professional industry extension mode of " three lines ", actively and steadily to: filter and membrane technology, water projects, water reuse in three business areas extend, target through three to five years of hard work and accumulation, has become one with GE and other international enterprises as a professional guide, comprehensive water " giant ".

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