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2012 third session of China ( Kunming) International Water Treatment Exhibition

Invitation letter

Organizer: Yunnan Urban Water Supply Association Association of municipal engineering of Yunnan province Yunnan province in the Construction Industry Association of Yunnan Province Plastics Industry Association of Kunming City Reclaimed Water Association

Undertaker: Yunnan city drainage and sewage disposal Committee of Yunnan Plastic Industry Association plastic pipe wind vane Kunming Exhibition Company Limited

Supported by: Kunming Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Yunnan Province town sewage waste treatment facility construction leading group office of the Yunnan Provincial Association of mining mineral water professional committee, Kunming municipal engineering design and Research Institute


Kunming is the serious shortage of water resources of the city, for three consecutive years of drought, led to Kunming 's per capita water resources of less than 300 cubic meters. Yunnan water, Yunnan water, Dianchi water is the Chinese inland heard familiar words xiang. This year is the water diversion projects included in the national ' Twelfth Five-Year Plan ' outline of the program for second years, Yunnan plans to spend 48900000000 to start the water diversion project, from the Jinsha River diversion, thereby opening the huge hard engineering. At present, Yunnan Province, " two strong fort " the strategy, make Yunnan water industry is facing unprecedented development opportunity. In 2012 the province's major construction project follow close on succession, including a series of new airport expansion, " south big channel " series of construction, water and electricity and power grid construction, in oil and gas pipelines and other infrastructure will bring opportunities for water resources, only Kunming area by opening the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to 1800000000 water. " Yunnan Hing Hing water must " become Yunnan construction priority investment areas, from this year to 2015, Yunnan province will be a total investment of 100000000000 water conservancy, water to achieve a kind of a year.

Review and organization

The second Kunming Water Exhibition in 2011 October 20 sunset next heavy curtain, an exhibition area of 6000 square meters, including a group of Templeton, Taurus, courtyard of Zhejiang, Beijing Taining, Beijing Institute of electrical and mechanical services, Red gull pump, Chengdu Voight, Jing Hui water industry, pilsar, Yunnan, Yunnan, Nanjing nine Sheng Wang, Yunnan environmental protection security environment, Xiamen, Shidenai tataricus Kunming Rui Plastic, cloud water group, Oerlikon Ji'nan, Kunming Heng Xin Ren, capital of the uplift and other Chinese and foreign famous enterprises assemble Spring City, and ASEAN and Yunnan county respectively water company, water authority, water unit professionals launched zero distance to negotiate.

2012 Kunming water development summary exhibition experience, brought together the most complete water resources organized team. The same period will include water, municipal, water engineering, environmental protection, research and design, real estate development, hydrology and water conservancy and other wading units of a large " audience database " to come to the exchange, has issued to inform participants. In addition, actively carry out water technology seminar Yunnan province water industry industry chain technology, engineering decision makers gather exhibition; at the same time will be published at home and abroad well-known manufacturers of products, technology promotion.

2012 Kunming water exhibition still will be in the " resource discovery, " " water treatment industry elite " " pipeline " " industry " business today " business " business " " pump pump " Darmei international informationvalve world " " China " " China valve industry of the world " " " " international pipeline valve information business information ", Yunnan water supply network; also by the Yunnan daily, spring city evening news, city times, life news and other dozens of professional web sites and local media to foreign manufacturers and users to publish information on the media such as conference news or advertising, length of one thousand, expand, upgrade the fair influence.

Exhibition schedule

In 2012 August 27 special equipment exhibition

August 28, 2012 exhibition opened in August 29, 2012

In 2012 August 29-31 extension ( Wednesday - Friday ) August 31, 2012 14:00 dismantling

Venue: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center ( Kunming city Guandu District Spring City Road No. 289 )

Exhibition scope

The water supply and drainage: various types of water supply system, drainage system, building water system, water supply equipment and related software.

The industrial waste water and city sewage treatment technology and equipment, water treatment technology and equipment, boiler feed water treatment.

Water treatment: water treatment technology, equipment and chemicals, sewage treatment technology, membrane separation technology and equipment, quality control and testing instrument.

The water plant equipment and techniques, materials, equipment and supporting facilities such as water.

The household, commercial water purification technology: various types of water purification equipment, drinking water equipment, water purification materials, sterilization and disinfection equipment, water filtration equipment.

The pipeline: various types of pipes, fittings and equipment, pipeline detection and processing technology, materials and so on.

The container: tank, tank, storage tank, tank, plastic containers and the like.

The various types of fluid equipment: pump, valve, blower, flow meter, connectors, seals and other.

The water saving device of water saving and wastewater resource: application of technology and equipment, integrated water resources protection and utilization.

Agricultural irrigation, garden sprinkler irrigation equipment and accessories such as.

The other: fountain, sprinkler, sprinkler waterscape, and control equipment, lighting equipment, swimming pool equipment etc.

Participation fee

The 1 international standard booths 3*3=9 ㎡charges 6800 yuan / booth RMB. Indoor stand-up ( 36rents): RMB charges 800 yuan / ㎡. ( Note: the standard booths structures configuration includes three side boards, the company name board, consulting a table, two chairs, two spotlights, 220V/5A power outlet, the need for special electric please explain in advance, additional charge. Special decoration booth does not provide any exhibition and exhibition facilities, receive special management fee, charges for water and electricity by the exhibitors themselves. )

The 2 lecture: RMB5000 yuan / field ( every 45 minutes of a game ).

3 registration fee: RMB500 yuan / person (including exhibition information, drinks, lunch, wine, gift, draw and sightseeing activities etc.).

Journal of advertising and Exhibition

Journal of the proceedings, -- is to participate in the exhibition publicity products display and image display of the most perfect combination. Is directed to visit the professional people the most direct communication. Will help you in after the show to find customers! Except during the show is sent to visit the exhibition of professional audience, also show strong audience database send failed to visit the exhibition around the professional hands, they can use the catalogue quickly find contact method and service contents. ( of 140 mm x 210 mm specifications, advertising fees are paid in advance; unable to exhibitors, can be directly selected publications and Exhibition advertising. )

In the ad position: company profile -500 word free, cover, back cover -20000 yuan -15000 yuan -12000 yuan, inside front cover, pages -10000 yuan, the closure of -10000 yuan, the color page -5000 yuan, black and white page -3000 yuan -1000 yuan, full text,

In other advertising: invitation 20000 yuan /3 million; visiting card 15000 yuan / exclusive; " Preview " 25000 yuan / edition; arch 6000 yuan / month; bunting 150 yuan / surface; ( 12m ×0.75m ) steam blowing 3000 yuan / group; wall ( 12m×3M wide) 9000 yuan / Web; outside surface of the body two 8000 yuan / single; truss advertising ( width of 6 m ×4 m ) 6000 yuan / piece. " Detailed information available "

Participation procedure

1, procedures : exhibitors please fill out " participation agreement " and " business license " copies of fax or express delivery to the organizing committee, and in ten days will be exhibiting at the cost of exchange to the Organizing Committee designated account number, and fax back the bank receipt to the organizing committee, in order to affirm the qualifications.

In 2, booth arrangement : the organizing committee will be based on " register first, pay first, arrangements for the first " principle. In order to ensure the fair 's overall image, the organizing committee has the right to adjust to a small booth.

3, business arrangements: the organizing committee 30 days before the " Exhibitor's Manual " ( about the schedule, exhibits transportation, hospitality, booth structures etc. ) sent to each exhibitor.

In 4, after the registration, please the company logo, main product picture 1, enterprise introduction ( 500 words ) to send mail to E– mail:[email protected] will be used for professional organizations audience propaganda.

Way of contact

Address: Kunming new road air District Lingyun apartment 1 room 706 zip code: 650200

Phone: 0871-3523014 Fax: 0871-3561974

Contact: Liu Zhewen 15812118997 - mail:[email protected] E

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